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Eilat Guide

Get to know the The land of eternal sun.
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Articles about Eilat

  • If you have a few days to spend at Eilat area, so we definitely think you should read this article. Since Eilat is located in the southern point of Israel, it is pretty rare to travel in this area, and even the Israelis...
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  • Going south to catch some sun? Looking forward to sipping margaritas in front of the Red Sea? If you haven't started planning your holiday to Eilat yet, maybe you should read this article before you decide where to make...
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  • You’re in your hotel and feeling hungry but you don’t know where to eat? You’ve come to the right place! Even though Eilat is a small city, it has quite a few restaurants. Beware, some of them are ̶...
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  • Sick of rotating from your back to your stomach all day? A bit tired from the hot sun on your head? Don’t worry, besides being a city fit for vacationing, Eilat offers a wide range of sites to add more color to you...
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