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YourWay travel blog

Our team writes about everything that's happening in Israel!

Israel Travel Blog

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  • How to Pack for a 10 day Trip to Israel

    If you’re wondering what to pack for a trip to Israel then these suggestions can help you. Your packing list will vary depending on when you visit, where you will be going and what kind of activities you plan to...
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  • Israel @70 – May 2018

    2018 will mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. Many of the Israel top events in 2018 will be in celebration of the country’s anniversary. Tourists are expected to arrive from ac...
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  • Israman Ironman Race – January 2018

    The Israman Ironman Race 2018 is a tough sporting event held in Eilat, Israel. In 2018 the race will be held on Friday January 26th and there will be Israman Ironman events from the 24th to 27th January. As one of Isr...
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  • Tel Aviv Marathon – February 2018

    The Tel Aviv Marathon 2018 is one of the most important annual Israel events. The upcoming marathon will take place on 23 February 2018. The Tel Aviv Marathon 2018 is expected to attract up to 40,000 runners. Participa...
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  • Giro d’Italia in Israel – May 2018

    Giro d’Italia is a multi-stage annual bicycle race based mainly in Italy. Every second year since 2010 the first stages of the Giro d’Italia have been held in other countries. In Giro d’Italia 2018 th...
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  • Tel Aviv Theatres and Cinemas

    Tel Aviv theatre and cinema venues are numerous. Israelis are enthusiastic theatre goers and those not into theatre flock to the many cinema complexes. Here is just a sample of the top Tel Aviv theatres and Tel Aviv c...
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  • Top December 2017 Events in Israel

    December is an exciting month in Israel with two major events – Hanukah and Christmas. Both these celebrations bring with them special events and parties. In addition to Hanukah and Christmas there are other even...
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  • Things to Do Near Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv’s central location means that you can easily reach many other attractions near Tel Aviv. You’ll find gorgeous beaches in Herzlyia; parks in Ramat Gan and world-class museums in Holon, to name just...
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  • Tel Aviv Best Markets You Should Know About!

    Tel Aviv has some incredible markets with loads of local character and dazzling color, sounds and aromas! You’ll find Tel Aviv markets ranging from super sophisticated to the simplest flea market selling junk. So...
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  • Independent Travel in Israel

    Independent travel in Israel can be an exhilarating experience but it is not always easy and has to be carefully planned. There are many diverse cultures living in this small country; geographical and political divisi...
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  • Bryan Adams Concert in Israel 2017

    One of the most anticipated musical events in Israel this winter is the Bryan Adams concert. The Canadian rock star will be performing in Israel as part of his Get Up Tour. This will be Adams’ first appearance in...
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  • International Photography festival 2017

    The 5th International Photography Festival will take place in Tel Aviv from the 23rd November to 2nd December 2017. The 12 day festival will be titled “Photo Is: Festival” and feature 35 exhibitions of wor...
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  • Winter Travel to Israel

    There are several advantages to traveling to Israel in winter. Israel has a short winter from November to mid-March. With mild weather, many sunny days and occasional rain winter weather in Israel will not limit your...
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  • Top November 2017 Events in Israel

    Each month there are numerous events in Israel and November is no exception. No matter what your interests or what part of the country you are visiting you will find a November event in Israel you want to attend. Novem...
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  • Best Israel Events in October 2017

    During October there are many special events in Israel. You can attend concerts by local and international stars. The weather in October is cool and perfect for outdoor festivals. If visiting Israel in October you will...
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  • Tel Aviv Nightlife

    Tel Aviv is the party capital of the Middle East; you will be spoilt for choice in this “city that never sleeps.” Tel Aviv nightlife is vibrant seven days a week but the Tel Aviv weekend nightlife is legend...
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  • Best Dead Sea Beaches

    The Dead Sea has several beaches along its western shore. There are public and private beaches and some with facilities while others have none. Dead Sea tours take visitors to one of the beaches and let them spend a c...
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  • New International Airport near Eilat, Israel

    The new Ramon Airport situated 18km north of Eilat in the Timna Valley will open in early 2018.  The airport’s location will provide a gateway to Eilat, southern Israel and even convenient access to Petra an...
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  • Top 5 Israel National Parks

    If you want to see a completely different side to Israel than the usual sites in Jerusalem Tel Aviv and the Golan then visit some of the Israel National Parks. Many of the parks encompass streams, forests and archaeol...
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  • Best Israel Music Events in September 2017

    Among the things to do in Israel you can attend concerts in Israel and musical event. There are musical events in Israel throughout the year. Concerts in Israel range from local music icons and local indie performers to...
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