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Water Sport in Eilat

Water Sports in Eilat is a very popular and exciting attraction. Eilat has a very wide range of water sport centers which you can spot on most of the popular beaches. Eilat is a wonderful location for all water sports, for the Red Sea is usually calm and allows for water sports at most hours of the day. Water Sports is an excellent opportunity to see Eilats beauty from the sea in a unique way.Yourwaypresents all the various water sports available in Eilat for you to fully plan your next exciting trip.
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  • Water Ski in Eilat

    If you are a water ski enthusiast- you have reached the right place. Eilats location on the Red Sea, make it a prime location for water ski...
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  • Water Tubes in Eilat

    Eilat has many kinds of oboes, each with its own experience. Eventually they all tie to the about, and from that point you are in the hands of the boat operator... 
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  • Kite Surfing in Eilat

    Same as windsurfing, Kite surfing in Eilat is highly recommended as it is a perfect place to pursue it. The wind conditions are great for it and there are many clubs with nice friendly and helpful staff which rent out an...
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  • Banana in Eilat

    This ride is called "Banana" because of its similarity to the fruit. The "Banana" is attached to a boat which drags up to 10 people on in high speeds, which makes the Banana ride a group activity... 
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  • Jet Boat in Eilat

    If you feel like enjoying the cool ocean breeze on your face, without much effort- jet boats is defiantly your best option. The jet boat reaches about 80 Mph while maneuvering sharp turns with complete stability... ...
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  • Jet Skis in Eilat

    Have you ever wanted to ride a Jet ski? In Eilat it isn't a problem, just walk by one of the many beaches along the north shore, and you will find your wish, for there are many places which rent out Jet skies here......
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  • Windsurfing Eilat

    Windsurfing Eilat is known to be one of the world's best places for windsurfing. One, who would defiantly testify to that, is Shahar Zuberi, the Israeli bronze medalist at the China Olympics who lives in Eilat...
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  • Hover Parachutes in Eilat

    Hover parachutes are an amazing attraction. It gives you the option of enjoying Eilats amazing beaches and hotels from abovHover parachutes Hover parachutes are an amazing attraction. It gives you the option of enjoying...
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