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Eilat Yacht

A beautiful sail yacht, a Turkish "Gullet" model that has two masts. The yacht is built all from wood and designed in classic style, can hold up to 55 guests. The yacht has 3 decks, at the stern and main deck there are mattresses for chilling and relaxing and sitting in comfortable chairs and an extra upper deck for sunbathing.

The lower deck is made out of wood alone and holds ancient sea gear. Sitting corners for meals and relaxing, during the sail you will listen to diverse types of music and enjoy a Lavish hospitality from the ships staff, and you will hear fascinating explanations on the environment and the view from the ships captain. In addition the yacht has different water rides. A slide that was built especially to go directly into the water, huge and comfortable water mattresses, snorkels and masks.

The sailing track: we will head out from the marina in Eilat and sail east towards the Israel-Jordan border, on our way We will view the northern cost of Eilat, the fish farm, the city of Aqaba and the private cost of the royal Jordan family.
We will sail on the Israeli – Jordanian border line until we get to the border triangle of Israel, Jordan and Egypt from the triangle we will even get a view of Saudi Arabia!

Later we will dock at the princess beach at Taba, we will jump in to the water to swim and snorkel in the beautiful Coral Reserve and there is always the possibility of just having fun with the inflating water rides the ship has to offer.

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From $ 40 .00 usd
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Location: Marina Eilat, Eilat
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Phone: +972-(0)8-6316661
Payment: Cash & Credit card
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
Activity Hours
Daily: 11 AM - 3 PM
Except Sunday & Thursday
For full prices list, please call directly to the attraction site.
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