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Migdalor (lighthouse) Beach

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The lighthouse beach is located about a mile and a half past the underwater observatory towards Taba and the Egypt Boarder. At night there's a lit sign which makes it easy to find. This beach is the most southern point of Eilat, a mere footstep away from the Sinai boarder a fact which makes this beach a uniquely tranquil ambiance This may be the city's ultimate hotspot, where the mountains and the seas meet. 

The beach is located on a row of the Eilat national coral reserve. Snorkelers may enjoy a glimpse at one of Eilats nicest diving spots. Tranquil chillout music is played here throughout the day in the background, and a rich kitchen and bar give this beach, the extra touch to make it an ultimate experience. Showers, sun chairs, sun beds, umbrellas (all free of charge) and a snorkeling rental hut are located on the beach.  

General information: No lifeguard services Hours of operation- daily from 08:00- late into the night. The beach is Handicap accessible up until the bar on the beach. Phone: 086325920.



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