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10 photos of the Most Breathtaking Places in Jerusalem

If you're still thinking about your next vacation, and you haven't decided yet what is the perfect destination for you, this article will make your decision much easier. We collected the most beautiful photos of Jerusalem that will blow your mind and make you go and buy a flight ticket right away.
, Written by The Yourway Team
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1. Panoramic observatory from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall and Dome of the Rock

2. Tower of David , This photo was taken from the Rampart Walk which is one of the best spot to catch a beautiful photos of Jerusalem.


3. Dome of the Rock.

4. The Old city Walls at night, this photo was taken from Jaffa gate.

5. Pray at the Western Wall. 

6. Walk on (in) the ancient wall of Jerusalem.


7. One of the most important churches for the Christianity - Church of the Holy Sepulchre

8. Time trek. The western wall tunnel is like to go back in time to an ancient era. 

9. The old city wall, view from outside the wall.. 

10. Snow in the old city of Jerusalem. 


 The photos taken from our wonderful tours to Jerusalem


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