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Perfecting Israel - History in the Making

Since the founding of the state of Israel, significant transformations have occurred in the country. One could say that no other nation in history has ever undergone so much rapid change and development in such a short period of time. We have selected 11 famous sites in Israel where you can see the transformation for yourself. Enjoy!
, Written by The Yourway Team
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1. Tel Aviv, Rothschild Blvd. – 1936 and 2014

The upper photograph was taken in 1936, during the British Mandate, years before the founding of the State of Israel. As you can see, the Boulevard was much wider than today, due to increased construction along the periphery, and it was already a central thoroughfare. 

Credit pic:
Upper image  - Hazalmaniya - Rudi Weissenstein
Lower image - Travel to Israel - TourYourway.com

 2. The Western Wall 

This photograph was snapped from the Mugrabi neighborhood in 1917 (before its subsequent destruction). Today this area no longer exists as a residential area. As you can see quite a lot has changed 


3. Old City Walls. 19th century and 2014

This photograph was taken at the end of the 19th century, before neighborhoods outside of the old city had yet been constructed (the opposite of the situation today, where the New City dwarfs the Old City). Therefore, one can easily grasp the extensive changes which has occurred outside the walls. 

Credit pic:
Upper image - Wikipedia
Lower image - Travel to Israel - TourYourway.com


4. The Dead Sea, 1959 and 2014

In fact, not too much has changed in this picturesque natural location. 

Credit pic:
Lower image  - Hazalmaniya - Rudi Weissenstein

5. The Culture Palace under construction and today

The building process of the Culture Palace spanned over four years, and it was finally inaugurated in October of 1957. Today it serves as one of the central auditoriums of Tel Aviv. 

Credit pic:
Lower image  - Hazalmaniya - Rudi Weissenstein
Upper image - Travel to Israel - TourYourway.com

6. The Beach of Tel Aviv 

As you can see, the beachfront has undergone a complete transformation and one can hardly recognize the place. The square found in the photo is the west end of Allenby Ave. where today Ophir Tower Hotel stands.

Credit pic:
Lower image  - Hazalmaniya - Rudi Weissenstein
Upper image - Travel to Israel - TourYourway.com

7. Citadel of David, 1936 and 2014

The photograph was taken just outside of the walls of the old city in 1936.

Credit pic:
Lower image  - Hazalmaniya - Rudi Weissenstein
Upper image - Travel to Israel - TourYourway.com

8. The windmill of the Yemin Moshe neighborhood 

The photograph was taken during the beginning of the 20th century and you can see that the most of the neighborhood has not yet been built. Thus, the old city is visible from the top of the neighborhood


9. Old Caesarea Port, 1940 and 2014 

One of the oldest harbors in the world. The two photographs were snapped from the exact same location.

Credit pic:
Upper image  - Kibbutz Sdot Yam Archive


10. The City of Eilat, 1947 and 2014 

The photograph was taken just before the founding of the State of Israel. Clearly, the City of Eilat did not quite exist at this point in time. The area is referred to as Umm Al-Rashrash in Arabic. 

 Upper image  - Eilat Archive 

11.Yarkon Park, 1938 and 2014

It’s hard to say that the first photograph of the rather plain site was taken in the park because the park would not be constructed for many years to come! 

Credit pic:
Upper image  - Hazalmaniya - Rudi Weissenstein
Upper image - Travel to Israel - TourYourway.com



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