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Haifa Top 10 Must-Sees and Must Dos

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel, the city is built on the slopes of Mount Carmel facing the Bay of Haifa with a major seaport. Haifa is the “capital of the north” located about 90km north of Tel Aviv and is a hub for transportation, services, culture, education and industry in the north. 
, Written by The Yourway Team
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The physical layout of Haifa makes it so attractive as the city seems to glide down the mountain slopes towards the sea and enjoy both the lush vegetation of the surrounding mountains and the pleasures of a seaside city. Here are some of the gems which not all tourists known to include in their itineraries.

Baha’i Gardens

The city’s number one attraction, a UNESCO site and one of the top sites in the Middle East. The gardens consist of 19 terraces cascading down the slopes of Mt. Carmel. Each terrace is planted with colorful flowers and bushes and gravel paths wend their way between the flowerbeds. At the top of the gardens, crowning the terraces is the golden-domed Baha’i Shrine of the Bab. You can also go to a terrace at the top of the gardens to get incredible panoramic views of the gardens, city and sea.

The Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is one of the oldest monasteries in the world dating back to 1291 and with an incredible history. In 1631 a small monastery was built close to the lighthouse and later they moved to the present location on Mount Carmel above the grotto believed to be where the Prophet Elijah once lived. The church and monastery served the religious order and during Napoleon’s 1799 campaign they sheltered and cared for wounded French soldiers before being destroyed by the Turks. In 1846 the Carmelites regained their land and rebuilt their monastery and church. The monastery is the spiritual center of the Carmelite order throughout the world. The church has beautiful decoration and stained glass windows but the real attraction here is the view from the monastery. 

This museum was founded in 1951 and is housed in an historic building from the 1930s. It is one of the largest museums in the country. It holds works of contemporary art from Israel and abroad with a collection that includes approximately 7,500 pieces from different phases and movements in art. Among the works there are pieces by Marc Chagall, Odilon Redon and Andre Masson. There is a diverse collection of digital media and video works from around the world dating back to the 1960s. The museum holds special activities for kids, workshops and lectures. 
Just below the Stella Maris Monastery is Elijah’s Cave where a chapel has been built to mark the Holy site. You can see the cave where Elijah is thought to have lived in the 9th century BC and where he would have taught his followers. Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians recognize this as a religious site. Near the entrance of the cave are buildings constructed 120 years ago as hostels for visiting pilgrims. The cave has been a pilgrimage site since early times and you can see graffiti on the walls of the cave dating back to the Byzantine era. You can often see people praying here and regular religious ceremonies are held here. 

German Colony

At the foot of the Baha’i Gardens is a neighborhood with a history dating back to 1868 when this area was settled by German Templars (a German protestant sect). This was the first of several Templar colonies founded in Israel including those at Serona in Tel Aviv and others in Jaffa, the Galilee and Jerusalem. Many of the original structures from that period have survived and have been converted into cafes, restaurants, art galleries and guest houses. The neighborhood has a truly beautiful location between the colorful gardens and the blue sea. Nearby is the Arab Wadi Nisnas market which is spread out along narrow alleys flanked by stone houses. There are stalls selling a rich variety of goods at affordable prices.
Haifa’s science museum is one of the best in the country; it is housed in an historic building but the exhibits take you into the future of technology. The museum is geared towards kids with many hands-on exhibits and interactive displays related to science and technology. At the museum there is also an outdoor science park, Cinematrix and the Wagner Fab-Lab!
On the doorstep of Haifa close to the southern end of the city is a gorgeous stretch of beach. The Haifa coast is divided up into a number of beaches including the popular Bat Galim, Carmel Beach, Kirat Yam Beach and Dado Beach. Bat Galim Beach is close to the lower station of the cable car and is lined with a promenade, restaurants and cafes. Dado Beach has a long boardwalk and gorgeous gardens along the edge of the sand as well as restaurants, cafes and bars. There is free parking and free WiFi as well as weekly public folk dancing on Saturdays. There is even a playground and pool for toddlers. At the Kirat Yam Beach locals gather at sundown to spot the famous mermaid which is said to live in these waters.

Haifa Cable Car

This is one of very few cable cars in Israel; it connects several of the attractions mentioned on this list. The lower station of the cable car leaves from near Bat Galim Beach and the upper station is close to Stella Maris and the Stella Maris lighthouse. It is a thrilling rid up Mount Carmel with the sea in front of you and the forests and neighborhoods on the slopes behind you. 

Carmel Park

This is the country’s largest national park covering 21,000 acres. It offers something for everyone including hike trails, bike paths and a route for jeeps. You can reach religious sites, observation points and archaeological excavation sites within the park.  You can enjoy the cool waters of streams running through the thick vegetation, stop for a picnic and enjoy the scenery. The park is open year-round and can be accessed from four entrances – Atlit in the west, Haifa in the north, Nesher in the northeast and Moshav Elyakim in the south. 

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