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20 Amazing Photos of Israel That You'll Never Forget

Although Israel is a tiny country, it has a wide range of landscapes. From the desert in the south to the beaches in the center and the wild northern sceneries, all these make Israel a paradise for photographers. Over the years, hundreds of photographers tried to capture the country from the best angles. We chose what we think are the best twenty. Hope you enjoy.
, Written by The Yourway Team
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1. We will start with the most important place for the Jewish community in Israel - the Western Wall.

 2. The beautiful shore of Tel Aviv as it seen from the old city of Jaffa

Credit - Kobi Bi photography 

3. The ancient port of Jaffa, one of the most beautiful places in Tel Aviv. 

 4. Sunrise over Sea of Galilee. This photo was taken at YMCA beach neat Tiberias. 

5. Jaffa gate in white. Almost once in a year the city of Jerusalem covered in White, however so much snow has never seen since the 1948. 

Credit - Ron Bronstein. 

6. This photo was taken at Yehudia Nature reserve, if you are looking for a nice track check this place. 

Credit - Touryourway.com

7. Sunset over Mayan Tzvi beach.

Credit - Touryourway.com

8. Sunset over Park Hayarkon the green lung of the city. 

Credit - Touryourway.com

9. Blue and Brown, the city of Eilat

Credit - Dafna Tal. 

10. This place called Rosh Hanikra and it's located on the border with Lebanon.  

Credit - Ido Cohen

11. This is maybe the most beautiful beach in Israel - The Dolphin reef

Credit - Dafna Tal. 

12. Floating on the Dead Sea.

Credit - Touryourway.com

13. Rainbow cave at northern part of Israel. 

Credit - Touryourway.com

14. A real Oasis, Timna Park near Eilat. 

15. The old city of Acre walls

Credit - Touryourway.com

16.What an amazing place, Masada Near the Dead Sea. 

Credit - Touryourway.com

17. Hilton beach. 

Credit - Touryourway.com

18. The stunning photo from Jerusalem walls


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