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Keshet Cave, Galilee

The Keshet Cave, translated as rainbow cave or arch cave in English, is situated in the northern ridges of Nahal Betzet in the western Galil. Despite its name, it is no longer a cave. As a result of geological processes over the years, the ceiling fell through and now it is simply a large spring with a natural arch of rock connecting the two sides of the water. This unique sight attracts tourists and rock climbers in their droves. The cave was formed when the Mediterranean Sea still covered the region and the limestone found here has been eroded by a combination of water and wind. This led to the stone being eaten away from the insides, which caused the ceiling to collapse. A thick strip of rock in the center of the cave stayed standing, creating the effect of a rainbow arching over the spring, made of rock. 

People have embedded metal into the rocks for rappelling and it is a popular sight for the sport due to the strange nature of the structure. The drop is between 40 and 50 meters, and the walk back up to the parking area is an adventurous trail. There are also many nearby hiking paths, including some caves where archaeologists have found early tools and pottery. 

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Location: Near Kibutz Hanita, Galilee & Golan
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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