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Jerusalem Guide

Get to know everything about the holiest city in the world.
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Jerusalem Specials

  • Holy Site
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  • Markets & Shopping
  • The Old City
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Hotels in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Restaurants

Things To Do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Night Life

  • HaTza’atzua Club

    HaTza’atzua Club

    6 Du Nawas street, Jerusalem
    HaTza’atzua Bar was built on the spot where a famous toy store once stood. The...

    More Bars and Clubs

    • Haoman 17 Club
    • Ha'Buah Bar
    • Yehoshua Bar
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Articles about Jerusalem

  • In contrast to Tel Aviv, the hotel landscape of Jerusalem hasn't changed much. That said, there have been a few additions that have gone straight into the top 10. In this article, we will summarize the best hotels in...
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  • The city of Jerusalem has indeed been around for a long time and has a rich historical story to tell. We welcome you to come see for yourself the place where it all began.
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  • Four hundred and fifty years ago, the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent built the walls that surround what we now call the old city of Jerusalem. The walk on the walls' walkway enables one to peak at Jerusalem...
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