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Sakura Restaurant, Jerusalem

Sakura is the longest-standing Japanese restaurant in Israel, and has currently accumulated over 15 years of outstanding reputation. Located on a charming alley between Jaffa Street and Nachalat Shivah, Sakura Restaurant is a pearl of gourmet. In the building which once housed the first Jerusalem movie theater on Feingold Court, you will find an exclusive Japanese restaurant. Following 11 successful years in Jerusalem, a new branch in Tel Aviv was established.

At the dynamic heart of King George Street, beyond the heavy wooden doors, there is an intimate space comprising of a meticulous sushi bar, which upholds the same basic policies as its Jerusalemite counterpart: - Loyalty to traditional Japanese cooking regulations - Exclusive use of first-rate ingredients as used by the leading restaurant in Japan - Maintain rapport with the client - Always serve excellent food Many have doubted the possibility that Jerusalemites would accommodate Japanese food, or to be precise, sushi. The owner, Boaz Tsairi, embarked on his culinary journey at a small sushi bar in Japan. 

Upon his return to Jerusalem, aided by characteristic Japanese patience, he launched his dream. At first, Boaz served as a sushi chef, and together with a select team of Israeli cooks taught Japanese to the Jerusalemites. Sakura evolved from a kosher restaurant to a non-kosher one, from tourist and Japan-affiliated clientele to locals who frequented the place, and with the staff’s aid explored the outstanding horizons of Japanese cuisine. Ever since, Sakura’s reputation has widely spread. 

Along the years, Sakura acquired a team of Japanese-connoisseur chefs, and promoted Japanese cuisine in Israel. Sakura has been a leader amongst Japanese restaurants in Israel, and has been elected on annual basis as the best Japanese restaurants by many food critics. Sakura does not follow the current trend in Tel Aviv which advocates serving sushi made of low quality raw materials and substitutes. Sakura continues updating and improving the basic ingredients, and lately has produced - for the first time in Israel – ramen noodles according to the ancient Japanese recipe. The noodles do not contain eggs, and are served exclusively at the Sakura branches. Moreover, Sakura cultivates various kinds of seaweed farms, abiding to Japanese traditions. The seaweed is served locally, and exported to Japan.

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Sakura Restaurant, Jerusalem
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From $ 35 .00 usd
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Location: 31 Jaffa street, Jerusalem
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Phone: 972-(0)2-6235464
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Saturday: 12pm - 2am.
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