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Canela Restaurant, Jerusalem

Canela is a chef restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem which offers a sophisticated and kosher cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. The kitchen in the canela is led by chef Udi Epstein . The restaurant offers a fascinating menu which combines the best in local products and elite French cooking methods The result brings to the table a creative and exciting creature with a versatile culinary statement The food is accompanied by an Israeli wine menu from the best boutique vineyards . 

In the restaurant cellar there is a special wine collection from selected years. In addition to the classical atmosphere and sophisticated cuisine canela offers a verity of events which are held on the second floor which is perfect for those special occasions of up to 100 people. The canela also has a VIP room which is acoustically separated from the rest of the space. This room is perfect for business meetings and special private meals. 

  • Kosher
  • Romantic
  • Private Room
  • WI - FI
  • Handicaps
  • Events

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Canela Restaurant, Jerusalem


Home made bread  19 NIS
served with Dips

Grilled Eggplant Carpaccio - 35 NIS
with tomato tartar, roasted pine nuts and tahini sauce 

Bruschetta -  29 NIS 
topped with fresh & sun dried tomato, garlic and basil 

Sautéed asparagus -  32 NIS 
and red beet topped with Dijon mustard aioli 

Sea fish seviche - 32 NIS 
with a touch of soy sauce and ginger 

Spring chicken kebab - 35 NIS
in pistachio & yellow curry crème

Veal Fillet Carpaccio - 49 NIS
 in balsamic vinegar & olive oil with green leaf and small radish

Crispy Red mullet -  59 NIS 
in lemon, anise & herbs sauce 

Champignon mushroom - 59 NIS
stuffed with foie gras in red wine & brandy sauce 

Foie gras pâté  55 NIS 
served on bruschetta

First course

Canela Salad –  49 NIS
lettuce, baby leaf, seasonal fruits, cherry tomatoes, crispy nuts & seeds in date honey vinaigrette 

Sautéed champignon -  59 NIS 
Portobello mushrooms salad with spinach and cherry tomato 

Grilled Chicken livers - 49 NIS
in red wine and cherry liquor sauce with Caramelized Apples  

Grilled eggplant topped - 59 NIS 
with ground beef fillet, tahini, roasted pine nuts & pickled lemon 

Lamb kebab in tahini sauce - 55 NIS
with fresh tomato salsa and hot pepper 

Salmon & Sea fish tartar - 55 NIS

Grilled Foie gras - 89 NIS
 in sweet vermouth & orange sauce 

Calf's brain - 89 NIS 
in white wine, garlic, hot chili & cilantro sauce

Main course

Chicken breast -  79 NIS 
In white wine sage, lemon and spinach leaf sauce 

Asparagus & spinach - 79 NIS
ravioli in olive oil, garlic, leek, sun dried tomatoes & fresh herbs 

Grilled spring chicken -  89 NIS  
in coconut cream, sweet chili, mango & cilantro sauce 

Canela hamburger  -  79 NIS
barbecue sauce, with grilled onion, tomato and baked potato

Beef tongue in beef - 95 NIS
bullion and champignon mushroom sauce  

Grilled salmon fillet  - 95 NIS 
in soy, honey and ginger sauce

Sea bream fillet - 119 NIS
in white wine sauce with garlic confit, lemon and fresh herbs

300g/500g Grilled rib eye steak  - 125/189 NIS 
in red wine sauce.

Beef fillet -  169 NIS 
in red wine & brandy sauce

Lamb chops -  179 NIS 
with garlic confit and Dijon mustard  

Tornado Rossini – 249 NIS
a combination of beef fillet, grilled foie gras & foie gras pâté in red wine & brandy sauce 
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Restaurant Details

From $ 30 .00 usd
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Location: 8 Shlomzion street, Jerusalem
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Phone: 972-(0)2-6222293
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm - 3:30pm, 6pm - 11pm.
Saturday: one hour after Sabbath
Business Menu
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm - 3:30pm
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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