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Adom Restaurant, Jerusalem

The Adom restaurant  is located in the Jerusalem yard also known as the Feingold yard that was built in the 19th century and was one the first neighborhoods outside the walls of jerusalem. The restaurant is located between yards made out of Jerusalem stone hidden from sight and the ambiance of the main road. The Adom restaurant, a restaurant and wine bar was opened on April 2001 and fast became a Jerusalem institute that specials in food, wine, service and atmosphere. 

The food at Adom restaurant is rich, carefully prepared and offers a wide variety of foods : meats that are aged at the restaurant, Fish andsea food, pasta and risotto and even  juicy hamburgers.  It is a Jerusalem type bistro with Italian, French and Mediterranean touches. Every day there are special dishes that are added to the menu that reflect the seasonal produce (market fruits and vegetables, fresh fish etc.) and the Chef's masterpieces. The restaurant also has a late night menu for late night nosh (from 23:00)

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Adom Restaurant, Jerusalem


Goat cheese ravioli with capers and tomato sauce - NIS52
Veal sweetbread sauteed in butter with garlic confit, artichokes & parsley on cauliflower cream - NIS56
Fish of the day Carpaccio with radish, coriander & dill, Gorgonzola & crushed wasabi coated peas - NIS54
Veal Carpaccio in Truffle oil, served with arugula, mushrooms and Parmesan - NIS52
Liver pat›e served with toast and homemade jam - NIS48
Beet Carpaccio with Cheddar cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette - NIS48
Black mussels in white wine, tomatoes and basil - NIS56
Open fire roasted eggplant served with raw tahini & mint yogurt - NIS38


Cherry tomatoes salad - NIS46
Rocket and Endive salad - NIS48
Iceberg Salad - NIS46

Main Course

“Adom” Hamburger - NIS58
Seared chicken livers in maple syrup - NIS68
Grilled Deboned chicken legs served with wild rice & date honey sauce - NIS72
Lamb chops served with a tabouleh salad and cranberries - NIS122
Osso buco of lamb in red wine sauce, served on mashed potatoes - NIS96
Goose breast with beef stock and grape sauce - NIS98
Beef fillet served on bone marrow in a black truffle cream - NIS109
Entrecote in garlic butter, served with roasted potatoes and salad - NIS109
Sauteed shrimps in olive oil, cherry tomatoes, garlic confit, roasted potatoes & chick peas - NIS98
Sauteed shrimps with butter and spinach, garlic and white wine, served with crispy gnocchi - NIS98
Seared Calamari in Gazpacho and bread - NIS82
Fish of the Day


Gnocchi in Porcini butter and chestnuts - NIS68
Fresh pasta; with zucchini, olive oil and pine nuts - NIS62
Shrimp & Anchovy pasta; with capers, fresh thyme, white wine and cream - NIS82
Salmon & sweet potato pasta; with mushrooms, white wine and cream - NIS78
Pea & pistachio Risotto - NIS64
Lamb Risotto; with sun dried tomatoes, fresh coriander and pine nuts - NIS74
Calamari & Wakame Risotto; with fresh parsley & goat cheese - NIS82
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Restaurant Details

From $ 35 .00 usd
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Location: 31 Jaffa street, Jerusalem
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Phone: 972-(0)2-6246242
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday- Friday: 6:30pm - 2am.
Saturday: 1pm - 2am.
Business Menu
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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