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Dolphin Yam Restaurant, Jerusalem

Dolphin Yam is the leading and most experienced seafood restaurant in Jerusalem. Its been hosting Jerusalem residence and tourists for over forty years. Its expertise and prestige comes from all these years of experience in the seafood cuisine, top of the line chefs and fair prices. Besides its fabulous seafood Dolphin Yam has splendid meat and pasta dishes. If you are interested in seafood while in the capital try Dolphin Yam, you're in for a treat.

  • Car Parking
  • Private Room
  • WI - FI
  • Outdoor Area
  • Handicaps
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  • Smoking Area

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Dolphin Yam Restaurant, Jerusalem


House focaccia - NIS 14

Fried fish fingers - NIS 46

Shrimps tempura - NIS 46

Fried calamari - NIS 46

Fried soft shell crabs - NIS 50

Sti-fried half- mussels au gratin - NIS 46
with garlic, tarragon, wine and parmesan

Grouper carpaccio - NIS 46

Baby shrimps-stuffed cannelloni - NIS 44
in Alfredo sauce

Wild eggplant roasted and filled - NIS 28
with tahini and pine nuts

Dalia salad - NIS 32
Chopped tomato with coriander, onion and vinegar (possible spicy)

Green salad - NIS 32

Isreali salad - NIS 32
chopped salad -Onion and mint available on request

Soup of the day - NIS 24
Ask your waitperson

Fish Soup - NIS 32

Seafood Soup - NIS 38
Cover charge for appetizer when ordered without main dish -30

Fresh Fish

St. Peter’s fish - NIS 82

Grey mullet - NIS 82

Salmon steak - NIS 88

Trout - NIS 88

Fried fish fingers - NIS 84

Gilthead bream - NIS 90

Gilthead bream - NIS 90

Bass Drumfish - NIS 90

Sea bass -NIS 90

Lavrak - NIS 92

Barramundi - NIS 90

Red mullet -NIS 98

Solva - NIS 92

Mixed fish platter - NIS 92
3 different types of grilled fish filets
Fish served fried or grilled, deboned or whole

*Choice of sauce, served on the side
**White wine and Garlic butter / Mustard and sour cream / Lemon mint / Lemon capers / Mushrooms and cream

Beef and Chicken

Grilled chicken breast with noodles - NIS 78
chilli, soy sauce and vegetables

Grilled chicken breast with honey and garlic78

Entrecote steak -approx 300 gr105
Choice of sauce on the side: Alfredo/ Mushrooms and cream / Red wine

Fillet of beef -approx. 300 gr105
Choice of sauce on the side: Alfredo / Mushrooms and cream/ Red wine

Viennese veal schnitzel105


Pasta, cream and mushroom sauce - NIS 72

Pasta in red sauce - NIS 72

Pasta with olive oil and garlic - NIS 72

Pasta with seafood and choice of sauce - NIS 80


Peeled shrimps - NIS 90
Choice of sauce: White wine and garlic / Mustard and sour cream / Lemon and mint / Cream and mushrooms / Piquant tomato / Sweet and sour Choice of preparation: Skewered on grill / Fried

Fried calamari - NIS 82

Whole grilled calamari in lemon garlic sauce - NIS 88
with olives and touches of tomato

Mussels in a sauce of white wine, garlic and parsley sauce - NIS 78

Stir-fried half-mussels au gratin - NIS 84
with garlic, tarragon, wine and Parmesan

Fried soft shell crabs - NIS 92

Baked blue crabs - NIS 92
in white wine sauce with Roquefort cheese

Scallops - NIS 98
Coquilles St. Jacques in creamed crab sauce

The Dolphin Specials

Grilled salmon with celery lemon sauce and a touch of cream - NIS 84

Filet of bass with creamed spinach and red peppers sauce - NIS 88

Baked herbed sea bass/ Gilthead bream - NIS 88

Fried trout with almonds accompanied by pineapple and orange sauce - NIS 88

Jumbo stir-fried shrimps - NIS 98
in lemon butter

Red bream filet in creamed meat - NIS 98
and crab sauce

Steak/Filet of grouper sautéed in creamed spinach - NIS 110
red peppers sauce

Scallops (Coquille St. Jacques) skewered and grilled - NIS 108
with added shrimps in Roquefort and cream sauce

Grilled special: Whole shrimps and calamari in garlic lemon - NIS 98
sauce with black olives, capers and basil

Chef's delight - NIS 98
Shrimps and scallops in sweet and sour sauce mussels in garlic shrimps lemon mint sauce

Mixed seafood platter - NIS 98
Shrimps, calamari, crabs and mussels in Fisherman's sauce

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Restaurant Details

From $ 35 .00 usd
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Location: 9 Shimon Ben shetach, Jerusalem
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Phone: 972-(0)2-6232272
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday-Saturday: 12pm - 12am.
Business Menu
Sunday-Friday: 12pm - 5pm.
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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