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Dolphinarium Beach, Tel Aviv

The Dolphinuarium Beach is also known as the Drummers' beach, it’s located near what used to be a large dolphin tank but has become in recent years a center attraction ofnightclubs. It's a great beach in tel aviv which is quite varied, it offers on the northern of the Dolphinarium a very calm and easy going atmosphere, while on the southern side you can find a surfing club which offers different water sports and is a very good surfing spot but less relevant for bathers for the Shore is quite rocky and not well maintained.

On Fridays, there is a gathering of drummers on the beach from the early afternoon until late at night. The event is open to all who want to join, and many other alternative fields of expertise besides drumming are exhibited such as Juggling, dancing and Capoera. Everyone is invited to create a drumming festivity which is where the beach got its second name.

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Location: Hayarkon street near Charles Clore Garden, Tel Aviv
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Summer, Spring.
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