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Jerusalem / Geula Beach Tel Aviv

The beach was named "Jerusalem" after Tel Aviv's legendary mayor, Shlomo Lahat, presented this beach as a gift for Jerusalem's legendary mayor, Teddy Koleck on a famous television show. Since then it has been known as Jerusalem beach in Tel Aviv. Most of the bathers are teenagers and non-residents of Tel Aviv. The beach is well maintained and kept very clean and spacious.

Most of the people know Jerusalem beach as Geula beach (Located at the end of Geula street). So if you're asking for help, it will be more useful to ask for Geula beach.  

Besides the wide stretch of sand, the beach has a big lawn perfect for picnics and sun tanning. Jerusalem Beach is best known for the excellent sea food restaurant “Manta Ray” one of Israel’s finest sea-food cuisines overlooks Jerusalem beach. This beach offers life guard services all year round also in winter and admission is free.  

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Location: Shlomo Lahat Promenade and Geula Street, Tel Aviv
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Summer, Spring.
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