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Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

The Carmel Market is a place well worth to take a look around if you are in the area and are looking for some cloths at very cheap prices... The Market is situated just behind Alenbi Rd. at the beginning of Shenkin St. It is a lively experience just walking down the market with store owners shouting from each side of the market offering you their goods at “the best prices in the country” or so they claim. Although it is a loud and crowded place the environment is very friendly with shop owners willing to let you taste, smell and try out what your heart desires. Though remember since this is a market place in order to get the best prices some hustling with the shop owners may be needed, especially if you are spotted out as a tourist, for the store owners will immediately raise their prices. So if you are into a lively Israeli market experience, where you can find almost everything at very cheap, prices come and visit the Carmel St. Market.

A few Important Stops:  

In order for you to fully enjoy the Carmel Market and not miss any of the favorite local places we have put together a few stops which are a definite must. If you enter from the top of the Market (Alenbi , King George and Shenkin Junction) you will first of all walk through the clothing section which offers every type of clothing at bargain prices. Behind and in-between the cloths stands you should seek out for the delicious Burekas booths such as “The best Burekas in Town” and “Turkish Burekas” offering this pastry delight.Burekas actually is originated in Bulgarian and Turkish cuisine, but Israel has claimed it to be its own. It is a salty puffed pastry, filled with cheese, potato or spinach. It is at its best when you eat it warm strait out of the oven. Here it is served sliced up with a hardboiled egg, tomatoes, homemade pickles and a delicious spicy tomato paste. Offered with freshly squeezed Lemon Juice it’s an Israeli treat. Once getting through the Clothing section and treating yourself to a lovely Borekas you will arrive at the food section where there are a few delicious stops you just can’t miss. First off all you can choose from the fresh seasonal fruits offered. Then you will reach the Fish and Meat section not the freshest smell but for sure the freshest meat and fish for the ultimate barbeque. The most recommended of places are "Maadaney Mizra" and "Fredi" offering not only pork which is hard to find otherwise but also high quality beef and chicken.The last Section of the market is the cheese courter where “Gads delicatessens” stand out offering a variety of quality chesses at fair prices. So, all that is left is to enjoy the vivid Carmel St Market with its colorful surrounding, scents and variety of flavors.

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Location: Alenby corner Sheinkin street, Tel Aviv
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Payment: Cash
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
Activity Hours
Early morning to sunset
For full prices list, please call directly to the attraction site.
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