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Neve Tzedek Neighborhood, Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek was built in 1887, 22 years before the city ofTel Aviv was founded, it was the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa, as time went by Neve Tzedek became the cultural center of Tel Aviv. Many wanted to live there making it a highly desirable place, many artists and intellectuals used to live there and create there. It's a wonderful experience touring the narrow streets of Neve Tzedek, you may find that every corner has its own particular magic and you may find many interesting things and landmarks in the neighborhood, for instance you may find the home of Israeli Nobel prize winner, author shay Agnon who lived there between 1909 to 1912, in the street corner of Pines street and Linenblum street lies Tel Aviv's first movie theater the "Eden" movie theater in a building that is colored pink and yellow.

The architecture is defiantly one of the fine points of visiting the Neve Tzedek neighborhood in Tel Aviv it has beautiful old houses that were restored magnificently by today's architects and designers. There are fabulous small shops especially on Shabazi Street. You may find anything you want from designer ware to children cloth from art to pottery Neve Tzedek has lots of boutique shops as well. Even people who are not really into shopping will shop. If you are hungry Neve Tzedek has many restaurants and coffee shops.

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Location: Neve Tzedek Neighborhood, Tel Aviv
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Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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