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Al - Muallaq Mosque, Acre

The Al Mullaq mosque also known as the Dahar El Omar Mosque is a mosque located in the south east part of the ancient city of Acre. It was formed during the rime when Dahar El Omar was governor of Acre (Akko) in the mid 18th century, and that is why it is named after him.

The mosque is composed of two close together structures- the older structure that was an active Rabbi Moshe Haim Lotzato synagogue until it was confiscated by the authorities in the year 1758, and a newer structure. In the structure that acted as a synagogue there were some scripture in Hebrew preserved where the holy closet was located.

Above the mosque there is the minaret. The minaret was destroyed in the year 1950 due to its bad condition, and only its base has remained, however it was rebuilt in the beginning of the 21st century. Entrance to the compound is underneath the base of the minaret, and from there it leads to a stair case to the mosque's yard that is two meters taller than the street level. 

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Location: Julius Keisar Street, Acre
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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