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The Old Port, Acre

The Acre port is one of the oldest preserved ports in the world. Its was first noted in Cambizes journey to conquer Egypt in 525 BC. During these times Acre's port was the docking port for hundreds of sea vessels carrying soldiers, horses and supplies. 

Since then and up to today the port has been used but the regimes dominating this area as a strategic trading stop. The port developed mainly at the time of the crusaders where their leader turned Acre's port into the region's main port. Today the port is not used for docking ships, since Haifa's port was open especially for its waters are very shallow and not suitable for today's ships.

It is situated in Acre's old city and is used mainly for docking fishing boats. The port is a very lively and beautiful place, taking a stroll around is majestic for it feels though you are walking through ancient times.

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Location: The old city, Acre
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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