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Khan Al Umdan, Acre

Khan Al Omdan ( The Poles Khan) is the biggest and most impressive of all the Khans around Acre,  and is one of the most beautiful Ottoman structures in Israel. It's name came from a row of granite poles in its lower level brought from Caesarea and Atlit. The Khan was built during the 18th century by Ahmed El-Jazaar Acre's Governor between 1775-1804.

Khan Al Omdan was built close to the port which was then used for international trade. Dealers arrived to Acre and stored their good in the Khans storage in the first floor, and stayed in the second floor which was a unique type of hotel.

Khan Al Omdan is under the management of  a preservation company which develops the old city of Acre and plans to unite it with Khan Al-Shona and turn them both into a boutique hotel.

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Location: The Old City, Acre
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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