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Bugrashov Street, Tel Aviv

Bugrashov Street. Is where you can find chic clothing at moderate prices. The street is a very busy place during the day..its food joints are completely packed and at night, if you get hungry after an alcohol binge stop over at the corner of Ben Yehuda and Bugershov stuff yourself with hotdogs, pizza or Burekas. If you're looking for items such as T-shirts and sweatshirts or even wallpaper – Bugarshov Street is the place to go! The style is low priced and trendy with some flashes of elegant ware in between.

There is a very good second hand shop on Bugrashov called Aderret, (35 Bugrashov Street.), and many other places to buy off the wall cheap clothing.  But it's not all moderate and underground; some of Tel Aviv's best designers started out on Bugrashov Street and still own their first shops, shops such as: Dalitli, B-good and Kamiza, which all offer a nice selection. Besides clothes you can also find other "stuff", such as accessories, artisan breads and pastries, and a nice selection of sneakers. Additionally, if wallpaper is your thing, or you're trying to decorate an apartment that you rented in Tel Aviv, Bugrashov is the place to shop for home decoration. There are numerous shops offering a wide selection of wallpapers and stickers that could considerably upgrade your interior design. If you get hungry between shopping sprees, grab a bite to eat at The Thai House, which is located at the beginning of the Bugarshov Street near the sea.

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Location: Bugrashov street, Tel Aviv
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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