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The Boardwalk, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv city hall has built a beautiful boardwalk that stretches from old Jaffa and up till the Tel Aviv harbor.
Tel Aviv's boardwalk, The Tayelet, is generally packed all day with joggers, bicyclists, and Tel Avivians just enjoying the beautiful sea side view and maybe enjoy the many activities and street performances that Accor along the boardwalk, on the weekends it is the place to be especially in the summer season. If you like riding bikes you will quickly find that taking the boardwalk bicycle trails may save you a lot of time and of course make you avoid inhaling all that pollution.

In fact, the board walk offers one of the funniest experiences for traveling end for end in the city of Tel Aviv, even with decent traffic a vehicle will take longer to get where you need to go. The sea side view offers beautiful scenery that shows the diversity of Tel Aviv, from old Jaffa to the fancy hotels located on the beach, you might as well fall in love. 

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Location: On the beach, Tel Aviv
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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