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Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

Gordon beach is a pleasant beach to jog on and joggers may be found there from the early hours of the morning to the evening all year round. In the summer there are parties all around this area and events on the beach itself or nearby. In the winter it is very enjoyable walking down the beach and watching the waves crashing over the wave breakers just below the beautiful horizon. The beach is always kept clean and well maintained and not overcrowded on weekdays, but on weekends it's quite a different story. You will find the beach packed with beautiful Israeli ladies with minimal bikinis and guys with tanned skins playing beach bats or just enjoying the sun.

Besides these lovely pleasant beaches you are welcome to enjoy the Gordon Swimming pool which has recently reopened after being renovated, it has become one of Tel Aviv’s Hot Spots for swimmers and for families. Gordon Beach is well known for its sand Volleyball so the youngsters’ beach and Frishman has more amusement and entertainment for young kids so it’s known more as the family beach. There is of course a cafe-restaurant on both beaches where great food, beverages are served and deck-chairs and umbrella’s for shade can be found.

The beach is open all year round and one of the only ones with life-guard services available also in winter. Admission is free and parking-lots can be found all around the beach front road. 

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Location: Hayarkon street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: N/A
Age: All ages
Seasons: Summer, Spring.
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