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Bialik House, Tel Aviv

Even before the national poet immigrated to Israel, he had decided to build his home in Tel Aviv on top of Bezalel hill. Bialiks choice ofTel Aviv was considered a great honor for the city, and on March 1924, about week after his arrival to the country, the mayor of Tel Aviv held a festive reception.

On this reception, the mayor declared that the street on which Bialik chose to live shall be named after him. This was a magnificent house, built in early 1920's Tel Aviv style. The building combines characteristics of the Islam, along with western characteristics.  In the back yard, a garden which includes the seven spices was planted. The interior was designed with different ceramic tiles which were made at the "Bezlel" workshop, and present the story of the holy ark of the covenant and the twelve tribes.

Bialik and Mania his wife, moved to Tel Aviv in 1926, however a short time prior to Bialiks death, they moved out to Ramat Gan and rented their house to a couple from south Africa. After Bialiks death, Mania donated the house to the city of Tel Aviv. And so Bialiks house foundation was established. For years the house was used by the poets' society for literary and social conferences, and the library of the poet was opened for the general public. During the 1960's, by Manias request, building for women writers was built over the garden.   Bialiks house is used to this day for social and cultural events.

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Location: Bialik Street, Tel Aviv
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