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Sheinkin Street, Tel Aviv

The Sheinkin Street is an Israeli culture phenomenon and is much more than just the name of the street. The old street has changed in the last few years, when many young adults started to move there. Shenkin St. is one of the most popular streets in Tel Aviv, either for shopping or just for a coffee or light lunch. The street is loaded with stores and cafés ranging in price. Many Israeli designers have small shops there. Whether you're looking to purchase a new suite or just a gift for the kids, you'll have a wide variety of items that you can buy, on the Sheinkin Street. Sheinkin is a modern street that has it all –the entertainment aspect and it is a lot of fun.

Sheinkin Street is very flexible and adapts itself to all tastes. The modernization and fresh taste that sheinkin has pioneered in the area has even shifted a little bit south to the Florentin Neighborhood, which resembles Sheinkin street at the beginning.  

Shops:  Luchy is a cute little shop with simple items that are cheap in price (13 Sheinkin Street.). Shtaim (Two) is a renowned second hand shop that offers many different items (38 Shenkin Street.). Elite is a pleasant shop with nice items. And finally, if you like the oriental style, there are many shops that import clothes from India, Thailand and other Asian countries - "The Third Eye" is the most famous of these (7 Sheinkin Street). Shenkin Street has become a little bit too popular, so you might want to avoid walking the streets on a Friday, when the sidewalks are so full you can barely walk. If you want to grab a bite to eat it is recommended to try the delightful Orna and Ella Bistro-Café, you also may enjoy a refreshing drink in one of the famous Fresh Juice stands in Tel Aviv, not far from the entrance into Sheinkin from Allenby Street.

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Location: Shenkin street, Tel Aviv
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Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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