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Sculptures Garden, Haifa

The 29 bronze sculptures in the garden are masterpieces created and presented to the city of Haifa by the sculptor Ursula Malbin. The garden overlooks the bay area and Galilee landscape. This is truly a delightful corner that combines both art and nature.The "Sculptures Garden" was founded in the 1960's on the upper part of Hatsionut Avenue, in one of Haifas most astonishing observation points. The garden enables a remarkable view of the city of Haifa and its notable sites, from the Bahai shrine and gardens , Haifa harbor, German Colony, the bay area and up to "Rosh Hanikra" and Upper Nazareth.

The bronze sculptures, hand made by sculptor Ursula Malbin and contributed to the residents and visitors of Haifa, were placed in the garden in 1976. Ursula was born in Berlin in 1917. Fearing the Nazi terror, she escaped Berlin at the age of 22, devoid of belongings, and arrived in Switzerland. There, in Switzerland, she embarked on her artistic voyage.

From 1967 onwards, she divided her time between her childhood place of residence near Geneva and Ein Hod. Ursula' sculptures are mostly figures of women and children inspired by her own imagination. In the course of her life, she had received 12 different awards for her creations - the most important one being an award by the French Academy of Arts, which presented her with a gold medal in 1995. "Mizpor Shalom was the first park in the world dedicated solely to the works of one sculptress.

Credit: Tour Haifa.co.il

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Location: Hatsiyonut Avenue, Haifa
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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