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Wadi Nisnas Neighborhood and Market, Haifa

Wadi Nisnas is the name of a neighborhood on the lower part of Haifa city. Its boundaries are Zionut Blvd on the west, Shabtai street on the south and Yud,Lamed Peretz street on the east. Its population is 8000. This is a picturesque neighborhood, with old stone houses, narrow streets and a market. This place induces a tranquil ambiance to its visitors in the midst of a hectic city. The buildings were built during different eras and in many different styles which are all characterized by an Arabic style. Stone houses, porches and arched windows alongside impressive churches. 

This neighborhood holds such landmark as: the Wadi Market which is on Wadi Street and Saint John street, San Lucas church, Saint John church, Mer Alice church and Beir HaGeffen- a Jewish and Arab culture center. The Wadi has two famous falafel stands in Haifa (which some claim to be the best in the country) which tour guides usually visit with groups. Since 1993 the neighborhood holds the "Holiday of Holidays" festival in December around Christmas and Hanukah time. The festival is an expression of the multi-cultural ambiance of this neighborhood

The Wadi Nisnas market is a pride and joy of Haifa, as its an example of a working coexistence between Jewish and arab rsidents of the city. This is a place that combines good food, and culture. The market is on Wadi Street and Yohana Ha Kadosh street, and is opened all through the week. 
As you will approach it, enticing aroma of fruits and vegetables, roasted coffee and fresh fish will fill the air. For a fine meal, enter Nadima restaurant. This is the name of Wadi resident who has been running the restaurant for more than 38 years. The menu is based on traditional Arabian cuisine; such as Mejadra and of course great Humus.

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Location: Caesarea street, Haifa
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Payment: Cash
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
Activity Hours
24/7, the market open during the day only.
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