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Pastory Restaurant, Eilat

The Pastori restaurant Eilat is designed as an Italian yard that has a bar in the middle of it. The menu has a lot to offer –sea food and fish, fine meat. A wide variety of opening courses and of course homemade pasta with homemade pasta dressings according to one of the Toscana recipes. 

The kitchen of the Pastori restaurant is open in order to share the experience of preparing the food with the patrons. You may enjoy business lunches served everyday from 13:00 to 18:00, in addition there are business lunches for the weekends.

  • Car Parking
  • Romantic
  • Private Room
  • WI - FI
  • Outdoor Area
  • Events

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Pastory Restaurant, Eilat

First course

Anti Pasti - NIS 38
Selection of vegetables roasted in garlic , herbs & spiced goat cheese

Brontolona - NIS 62
Blue crabs in cream sauce & dried tomatoes puree

Carpaccio Di Manzo - NIS 58
Beef fillet carpaccio in balsamic silage with garlic confit

Cozze A La Marinara - NIS 44
Mussells in sour cream, garlic & herbs

Fegato Di Oka - NIS 64
Goose liver in home made cherry tomato jam

Fucaccia - NIS 28
Italian bread with roasted aubergine, pepper & spiced goat cheese spread.

Funghi Imbottito - NIS 38
Seasoned mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese & walnuts

Gamberi Al Olio - NIS 58
Sauteed shrimps in olive oil, butter, garlic, red pepper, dried tomatoes & sweet chili

Insalata Mista - NIS 22 / 38
7 kinds of leaves, carrot, mushrooms, cherry tomato & walnuts with balsamic sauce

Insalata Prima Vera - NIS 18 / 34
7 kinds of leaves, carrot, mushrooms, cherry tomato, sweet pepper & parsley in lemon sauce

Insalata Verde - NIS 25 / 44
7 kinds of leaves, cherry tomato, purple onion, figs with a pesto & balsamic sauce, topped with grated blue cheese

Masculano Di Mare - NIS 56
Sauteed shrimps & calamari in butter, garlic, herbs and white wine

Melanzane Fredo - NIS 44
Griled aubergine, spicy goats cheese, tomato & basil (served chilled)

Tunno Rosso - NIS 58
Burned red tuna in coriander & roasted red pepper salad

Zuppa Di Verdora - NIS 26
Country style vegetables soup

Dairy Courses

Pizza Margharita - NIS 42
Home made tomato sauce, yellow cheese & Mozarella

Spaghetti Alla Olio - NIS 48
Olive oil, garlic, herbs, mushrooms basil, garlic & dry tomato

Fettuccini Alfreddo - NIS 54
Mushrooms & cream

Rigattoni - NIS 52 / 62
Arbiata (hot tomato sauce) or four cheeses or sweet potato cream

Gnocci Batata - NIS 68
Cream & chestnuts

Rigattoni Salmone - NIS 56
Fresh strips of salmon in a cream, chive's asphodel & curry sauce

Gnocci Porchini - NIS 68
Potato Knioki in cream sauce & Porchini mushroom

Raviolli Formaggio - NIS 58
Cream & mushroom / cream & pesto

Raviolli Batata - NIS 58
Cream & herbs / Rosé

Raviolli spinach Riccotta - NIS 5
Cream & herbs

Raviolli Melanzane - NIS 64
A filling of roasted aubergine in a four cheese sauce / dried tomato purée & cream

Làsagnia Di Verdure - NIS 58
Filled with vegetables & mozzarella in a rosé sauce.

Tortelini Forchini - NIS 68
Filled with Forchini mushrooms served with creamed sweet potato

Rizzoto Fungi
Rizzoto Forchini, garden vegetables & Parmezano touch

Menu Di Bambini (Childrens Menu) - NIS72
Pizza Margharita / chicken Nuggets & pasta with tomato sauce .....& a surprise !!!

Meats / Fish / Sea food

Miscela Con Carne - NIS 78
Sauteed beef fillet & entrecôte in pesto sauce & onion, mushroom & cherry tomato on a bed of green leaf

Polo Classico - NIS 84
Spiced grilled spring chicken

Sinta - NIS 96
300 grams of selected sirloin slices

Entrecôte - NIS 112
300 grams of a prime slice

Filletto Di Manzo - NIS 124
280 grams of beef fillet.

Trintia Di Carne - NIS 132
Entrecote trio, beef fillet & goose liver in red wine sauce

Costula Di Obis - NIS 118
450 grams of grilled lamb chops

Filletto Di Salmone - NIS 88
Burned fillet of salmon with olive oil and lemon & butter sauce

Denis A La Limone - NIS 94
Fillet of Denis in olive oil, cherry tomatoes & lemon

Gamberi Di Varona - NIS 86
Sauteed shrimps in cream, garlic & basil

Doppio Mascullano - NIS 88
Sauteed shrimps & calamari in butter, garlic, herbs, & white wine.

Doppio Gamberi Al Olio - NIS 92
Sauteed shrimps in olive oil, butter, garlic, red pepper, dried tomatoes & sweet chili
Pastory Di Mare - NIS 96

Shrimps, calamari , mussels & crab in cream, blue cheese, liquorice &basil

Selection of sauce for meat:
cream & pepper
cream & dijon mustard
red wine & gravy

Pastory Specials (Meat & Sea food)

Fttuccini Verdure- NIS 58
Non Gluten pasta - With stir fried vegetables in olive oil, white wine & garlic

Rigattoni miela & aglio - NIS 68
With strips of chicken breast in garlic, honey, onion, mushrooms & herbs

Rigattoni De La Casa - NIS 68
With strips of spring chicken in mushrooms & onion in a cream / Arbiata

Rigattoni Carbonara - NIS 82
With smoked goose breast, onion & mushrooms in a cream sauce or rosé

Spaghettini Di Mare - NIS 82
With shrimps, calamari & mussels in olive oil, lemon, butter, white wine, sweet chilli & herbs

Fttuccini Sano Di Oka - NIS 82
With smoked goose breast, tomatoes, onion, and spicy peppers

Spaghettini Con Carne - NIS 86
With sauteed beef fillet & entrecote pieces and vegetables.

Fttuccini Sclopini - NIS 86
With Sirloin slices , dried tomatoes, onion, tomatoes, butter, garlic & basil

Spaghettini Al Marinara - NIS 86
With Shrimp, calamari & mussels in a cream sauce mushrooms, garlic & herbs

Pizza Con Carne - NIS 56
With pepperoni sausage & hot pepper or Smoked goose breast & purple onion

Pizza Di Mare - NIS 62
With shrimps & calamari in garlic & basil

Spaghetti Bolognaise - NIS 56
Minced meat & root vegetables in a tomato sauce

Lasagnia Di Carne - NIS 66
With Bolognaise & Mozarrella filling with piquant Arbiata sauce
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Restaurant Details

From $ 25 .00 usd
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Location: 7 Tarshish street, Eilat
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Phone: 972-(0)8-6345111
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Saturday: 1pm - 11pm.
Business Menu
Sunday - Saturday: 1pm - 6pm.
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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