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Boston Fish & Grill Restaurant, Eilat

Longshoremen unload tea and coffee from the English ships hold's at the port of Boston. In the neighbor state of Maine, a morning mist covered the gulf, the sailors, loaded the lobsters that were caught last night to the ship. The nets were full of fresh produce; the fishing trip was a success. On the deck there were stacked boxes filled with the sea's best, fresh oysters. Giant shrimps, and octopuses near the striped bass. A siren was heard that broke the peace of the sea and they head off sailing towards the big port city, Boston. 

In Vermont ,herbs, potatoes and apples, an entire season work's produce was loaded on the horses ,the convoy began its way , in the carts there were backs of maple syrup that were produced during the spring season. The trees remained wounded from the cuts that were made in order to produce the syrup; they still need to pick up the buckets of blueberries from the barn next door. Along the river the boats were sailing together, the first boat was loaded with pumpkins and behind it tied with a rope moving like the carts of a train are boats loaded with everything that is good, rum made from molasses, cider barrels from the juicy apples of new Hampshire, cheeses and other butter produce from Vermont, potatoes and Muscat nuts. 

Tal, our chef is in a hurry to get to the market place, the smell of goods is lifted up in the cool morning air. The cooks of the restaurant are already there, observing, bargaining and loading it on the cart. He wants to make sure that only the freshest of produce will be sliced, used, cooked and roasted. The staff consists of a variety of nationalities, a giant Norwegian, a skinny German. A Frenchman, a Scottish man and an English man. Every one of them contributes his country's finest recipes. At the Boston Fish and Grill restaurant the pot is on the flaming coals, the scot is poaching the tomatoes in boiling water. Soon he will peel their exterior in order to neutralize the Sourness. The water with the oyster fluid is added to the pot. The potatoes are sliced and diced, and the Frenchman grates the Muscat in to the pot. The tomatoes are sliced; the seeds are removed by Tal .and with the addition of a sage plant and celery root they are also added to the pot. At the last come the oysters and the Vermont cream, when the soup gets poured in to the wooden bawls it will be decorated by fresh Parsley. 

The shrimps are peeled and clean, refined butter with garlic and sage is bubbling on the hot black iron pan waiting for reunion. The lobsters from main will soon be tossed in to the boiling water and be painted red. Whilst still in their shell they will be roasted on the grill and anointed with seasoned butter and the diners who are eager to eat already will be equipped with special pitchforks intended for the striping of the meat from the shell. We will make meatballs out of the rock crabs today shouts Tal towards the Frenchman. And towards the Scottish man he sends instructions of how to make pumpkin bread. For the deserts we'll use blueberry he Says and gives instructions of how to make the dough for the Pie. this our fusion pot  here at Boston fish and grill , we give you the freshness of our raw produce, sea food, fish, fruits, vegetables and a  300 years old immigrant culinary culture.

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Boston Fish & Grill Restaurant, Eilat
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From $ 35 .00 usd
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Location: Royal Beach Hotel Promenade, Eilat
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Phone: 972-(0)8-6333007
Payment: Cash&Credit card
Activity Hours
Sunday-Saturday: 12pm - 12am.
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