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Chicago Grill Bar Restaurant, Eilat

The Hilton Queen of Sheba in Eilat is proud to present the new Chicago Grill Bar, a fresh culinary experience for romantics, families, late-nighters and anyone with an appetite for a quality experience. The menu - featuring the finest quality meat from the best cattle-raising farm in the Golan Heights and imported premium Black Angus meat - was created by our very own Chef Alex Zobka. All the fine-quality meat served has been aged at 10 Celsius for three weeks. Start with outstanding appetizers, then choose from meat on the bone, by weight – prime rib, rack of milk-fed veal, lamb chops – as well as succulent meat delights for a shared event, served at the table’s center. 

To complete your gourmet experience, enjoy one of our luscious desserts. In the wee hours, we offer a light bar-menu that matches the fine wines and spirits we serve. Since Chicago Grill Bar is also a family-friendly venue, we offer special delicious meals for children. As a restaurant suitable for family dinners we offer two private dining rooms and optional meals for a large number of diners. The splendid decor, courteous service, and exclusive restaurant atmosphere will make your evening a perfect and memorable one.      

  • Kosher
  • Car Parking
  • Romantic
  • Private Room
  • WI - FI
  • Outdoor Area
  • Handicaps
  • Events
  • Smoking Area

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Chicago Grill Bar Restaurant, Eilat


Ravioli - NIS 36
Mushroom ravioli in olive oil dressed with Tofu cream and walnut scented with truffle

Chicago Wings - NIS 35
Chicken wings scorched in caramel and sweet chili

Lamb Kebabs - NIS 37
Grilled on cinnamon sticks with roasted aubergine and green tehina

Veal Carpaccio - NIS 48
Veal carpaccio anointed in olive oil, balsami and Atlantic sea salt, served with arogula salad

Salmon Carpaccio - NIS 45
Pickled salmon on a bed of refreshing potato salad

Goose Liver Steak - NIS 65
Prime cut of goose liver scorched and served on a bed of mango confiture and roasted peanuts 

Chicago Salad - NIS 40/30 
Green leaves, scorched chicken cuts , cherry tomatoes, onion and Basil in mustard and honey dressing - large/small

Summer Salad - NIS 35/30
Spinach leaves salad with summer fruit and roasted walnut- large/small

Main Courses

Beef Fillet Medallions - NIS 96
250 grams of selected beef fillet grilled with red wine gravy and served with home fries

Chicago Beef Fillet - NIS 120
270 grams of prime beef steak with bone marrow. (Supplement for goose liver fillet - NIS 40)

Black Angus Rib eye - NIS 115
300 grams of quality Rib eye grilled and served with baked garlic

Black Angus New York Strip - NIS 115
300 grams of New York strip steak grilled and served in red wine gravy with baked garlic

Hilton Hamburger - NIS 55
250 grams of minced beef served in a bun with coleslaw, fries and dressings 
Additional fried onion / Portobello mushrooms / egg - 10 NIS

Organic Tender Chicken - NIS 65
In olive oil, fresh herbs and lemon marinade on a bed of basmati and wild rice

Halibut Fish And Chips - NIS 60
Halibut fillet in tempura coating with chips, Asian dressing and aioli

Salmon Strip - NIS 70
Salmon stack in misu served accompanied Thai Rice

*All main Courses are served with Home fries
**Meat is served with a choice of Red wine gravy, Chimichuri Or pepper sauce

Children Menu

Hamburger - NIS 45
Quality beef burger in a fresh bun, coleslaw, fries and dressing

Chicken Nuggets - NIS 45
Nuggets with fries or mashed potato

Spaghetti Bolonaise - NIS 45
Spaghetti in tomato sauce with meat balls
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From $ 30 .00 usd
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Location: Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba, Eilat
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Phone: 972-(0)8-6306687
Payment: Cash & Credit Card
Activity Hours
Every day: 7pm - 12am
Business Menu
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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