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Nordau Tel Aviv Beach (Separated beach for religious)

Also Known as the Separated Beach for it is the only beach in Tel-Aviv which is designated for the religious orthodox population. The beach has high walls separating from its neighboring beaches Sheraton and Hilton. The main idea is that it has strict separation between men and women bathing times and days. The beach is open as follows: Women - Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are the bathing days. Men - Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the bathing days. The beach is open all summer in the bathing season, it’s free of charge and has a few parking lots around. It used to be open on Saturday for everyone, but now they have restricted that as well. It is a bit weird to see an empty beach surrounded by a walls on a Saturday, while every patch of sand around Tel Aviv has someone sitting on in the Weekends. 

The women's days usually attract many of Tel Aviv's non religious ladies, who want to sunbathe in the nude without being hassled by the Israeli men. It doesn't really seem to bother the other women too much. So all in all, this beach is a pretty nice and usually less crowded than other beaches are. If for any reason you prefer single sex bathing or a more restrained beach atmosphere, The Nordau Beach is a very good option. The beach facilities include: sports facilities, children's playground, deck chairs for hire and a cafe

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Location: End of Nordau street next to Hilton beach, Tel Aviv
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Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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