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Ben Gurion's House, Tel Aviv

Ben Gurion's house is the home of David Ben gurion, Israel's prime minister and first defense secretary. The house was left in his last will to the state of Israel. As by his final wishes the house opened in 1974 and is operating since 1976. The house was opened for the public on the first Memorial Day to his death.

The house receives approximately 40000 visitors: students, soldier's tourists and more. Ben Gurions house was built during 1930-1931 and was used as the home of David and Paula Ben Gurion up until they moved to their new home at S'de Boker. Ben Gurion's house has 20,000 volumes in different subjects, which by his last will, is opened for all to visit and enjoy. In 1982 the state of Israel joined the Ben Gurion house a second part from the north, where Hillel Cohens house was (as he wished in his last will). 

The house holds a regular displays of David Ben Gurions legacy exhibits, lectures and exhibits are held. The house and its exhibits emphasize major cornerstones in the era before the state of Israel was an official state and the years after, which enlighten chapters of the vision and legacy of David Ben Gurion - which have shaped the way Israel is.

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Location: 17 Ben Gurion Boulevard, Tel Aviv
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Phone: +972-(0)3-5221010
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year - round
Activity Hours
Sunday - Thursday 8 AM - 3 PM
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