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Israel Classical Tour Packages (found 16 tours)

As part of the tours offered on our website, the Classical Tour Packages receive the greatest response. Here at Yourway you will find a wide variety of classical tours in Israel ranging from 3 to 15 days. Our tours are accompanied by professional tour guides and staff with years of experience. Let us make your trip in Israel the most memorable and unforgettable!

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Why Book with Yourway?

Explore Israel with top - guidance and pure joy.
  • We make sure you are provided with Israel's finest tour guides.
  • We bundle hotels along with our multi-day tours for a hassle-free (yet successful) booking.
  • Upon tour booking confirmation, our tours always depart (with no worries of cancelation).
  • We provide 24 hrs service so you'll never be left with no help in hand.
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