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Hotel Montefiore Restaurant, Tel Aviv

The Hotel Montefiore restaurant is located at the hotel compound of the Montefiore hotel – a Boutique hotel which is located on the Montefiore street in Tel Aviv, the hotel is located on the ruins of a building from the year 1922. The restaurant belongs to the same owners of the coffee bar, the brasserie and the bar Rothschild 12. The restaurants meticulous nature in every aspect-service, design and of course the quality of the food is of course a testament to this. Hotel Montefiore (the restaurant) offers a combination of a French menu with Vietnamese touches.

The combination perhaps sounds strange at first but the results are that the dishes are just amazing. The combination between the two cuisine characteristics creates colorful and interesting dishes and of course tasty. The location of the restaurant at the hotel compound combined with the street creates a one of kind experience. It is highly recommended to make reservations a head of time.

  • Car Parking
  • Romantic
  • Private Room
  • WI - FI
  • Outdoor Area
  • Events
  • Smoking Area

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Questions and Answers

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Hotel Montefiore Restaurant, Tel Aviv
Shrimp Cocktail - NIS 48/78

Oysters, Gillardeau {Each} - NIS 28

Caviar, 100 Gr - NIS 560

Soup of the day - NIS 29

Consome, Goose-liver Ravioli -  NIS 42

Iceberg Lettuce Hearts, Taragon Vinaigrette - NIS 42

Endive, Apples and Celery, “Waldorf” - NIS 42

Chevre Chaud Salad  - NIS 54

Small Nams, “Cha-Gio” - NIS 42

Sea-fish Tartare, Basil Mayonnaise - NIS 54

Raw Tuna, Yuzo - NIS 64

Mussels, Lime, Lemongrass - NIS 56

Moules Marinier - NIS 58

Shrimp Tempura - NIS 49

Shrimp Salad, Cellophane Noodles - NIS 49

Beef Carpaccio, Hazelnut Oil - NIS 52

Crispy Chicken, Coriander - NIS 42

Sirloin, Szechwan Pepper - NIS 52

Chinese Green, Rice - NIS 46

Vegetable Tempura - NIS 42

String Beans - NIS 36

Hamburger, “American” - NIS 44

Chicken Club Sandwich - NIS 42

Smoked Salomon Club Sandwich - NIS 46

Cod, Lemongrass Cream - NIS 98

Grilled Seabass, Capers, Lemon - NIS 110

Drum Fish on Tagliatelle, Butter, Dill - NIS 110

Seafood Casserole - NIS 96

Linguine, Shrimp, Champagne, Olive Oil - NIS 68

Chicken Tika, Zucchini, Chilli Peppers - NIS 72

Crispy Chicken, “Vietnam” - NIS 82

Veal Cutlet, Tartar Sauce - NIS 68

Sirloin Burger, Bone marrow - NIS 78

Pork Chop, Bacon, Manchego - NIS 92

Spare-Ribs  - NIS 96

Sirloin Steak, Wild Mushrooms - NIS 156

Beef Filet and Goose-liver, “Tournedos Rossini” - NIS 160

Linguine, Wild Mushrooms - NIS 68

Pappardelle, Tomatoes, Basil - NIS 62

Omelette - NIS 48

3 Cheeses - NIS 5
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Restaurant Details

From $ 50 .00 usd
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Location: 36 Montefiore street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-5646100
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday-Saturday: 7am - 12pm
Business Menu
No data
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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