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Social Club Restaurant, Tel Aviv

Social Club restaurant was founded by the experienced restaurateurs Ori Raz, Amit Lavid, Mosh Bodnik and Yuval Barashi. The restaurant brings to Tel Aviv a unique experience of warm hospitality and a finely tuned cuisine. It offers a pleasant yet sexy atmosphere, combined with a rich modern bistro menu, created by Chef Michael Gartofsky, one of Israel's most respected chefs. Alongside the vibrant atmosphere and precise cuisine, a wide variety of house cocktails are made on the spot by the professional bar staff, and served elegantly, in order to complete the experience. The restaurant design is a unique combination between a classic bistro and a modern sexy New York style that creates a great atmosphere. The menu offers classic bistro dishes such as Pate de Foie Gras with onion marmalade and a pan fried fillet of sea bream alongside other dishes such as pan con tomate with seared tuna and half-moon ravioli filled with braised beef in a red wine reduction. 

The cocktail list features a wide range of cocktails such as Mandarin Mojito (freshly crushed lemons and mint, Absolut Mandrin with homemade mandarin and ginger syrup), Wild Berry (Beefeater Gin shaken with fresh strawberries, homemade Tonka Syrup and Cava) and many more, not forgetting the good old traditional classic cocktails. Social Club restaurant is situated at the Piazza between Ehad Haam St and Rothschild ave. An option of holding an event or celebration is available in the private room (up to 20 people) and in the restaurant's second floor (up to 50 people). from the press: "in my eyes this is the hottest place in tel aviv, run before there is no more room" osnat Guetta (tel aviv magazine) "culinary at it best, sexy and fun bar sean" Hgit Evron (Gloubs) "Social Club achieves to have a complete and brasserie menu with an exceptional execution" Glly Walzky (Calcalist) "an amazing combination between a bistro menu and a sexy fun vibe" (food way)

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Social Club Restaurant, Tel Aviv


Sicilian calamari - NIS 44
salad with white beans, fresh herbs, olive oil & aioli

Roaste beef - NIS 54 
grilled vegetabes and garlic aioli

Salmon tartar - NIS 54
seaweed, crisp cucumbers, soy & yuzu vinaigrette

Pate de Foie- NIS 54
Gras with onion marmalade

Pan con tomate - NIS 38 / 64
with seared tuna

winter tuna carpaccio & grilled vegetabes - NIS 68


Char grilled eggplant - NIS 38
with Ethiopian tahini sauce

Sweet & spicy roasted peppers - NIS 46
served with local feta cheese

Grilled artichokes - NIS 52
salsa verde & turkish feta cheese

warm greececheese salad - NIS 54
Roasted beets &  yogurt.


Assorted breads basket - NIS 18

Focaccia topped - NIS 38
with prosciutto, rocket & parmesan


Romaine hearts - NIS 44
with red onion & parmesan

Crispy endive salad  - NIS 48
with blue cheese, roasted beets & walnuts

Buffalo mozzarella  - NIS 48
with sweet cherry tomatoes & basil


Calamari a la plancha - NIS 48
with warm fava bean & tahini

Classic moules frites - NIS 58 / 96

Salmon a la plancha - NIS 86
with roasted green vegetables & olive oil

Salmon a la plancha - NIS 92
with black lentils ragu and yogurt

Pan fried sea bream fillet - NIS 96
with brown butter, lemon & caper


Gnocchi - NIS 74
with mushrooms & parmesan cheese

Hand-cut pasta - NIS 78
with beef filet and grilled vegetables

Duck papardelle - NIS 86
porcini mushrooms and chestnuts

Tuscany Hand-made pasta - NIS 92
with shrimps, mussels, calamari and salsicha



Social burger (250g) - NIS 62
with classic trimmings

Chicken escalope - NIS 68
with Italian orzo

Grilled pork chop - NIS 92
with sage and fresh tomato salsa

Brochette of beef fillet - NIS 98 
with green beans & potato purée

Grilled rib eye steak - NIS 132
with green beans & potato purée



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Restaurant Details

From $ 45 .00 usd
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Location: 45 Rothschild street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-5601114
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Saturday: 12pm - 4am.
Business Menu
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