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Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

Eretz Israel Museum  is a very large museum, or more correctly a cluster of museums, which exhibits many different kinds of arts and crafts as well as holding theme exhibitions. Eretz Israel Museum is a multidisciplinary museum which main subject is Israel, its culture and its history. It exhibits many different kinds of objects and tries to show different perspectives of Israeli culture and art, express diverse interests and outlooks.

Among the many museums that are located on the premises you can find the glass museum, museum of ceramics, Kadman coins museum, the center of the human being, a Planetarium (addmission NIS 23, shows: Sun-Thu 11:30 and 13:30, Sat 11:00 and 12:00. the museum advises its visitors to arrive 20 min before the show begins. The planitarium is for children over the age of 5) and many more interesting and exciting exhibitions and centers. If you want to do the whole visit, you will need a number of hours, so plan in advance. This museum offers an interesting and in depth exibition of Israeli history, culture and art. 

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The new planetarium

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From $ 10 .00 usd
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Location: 2 Haim Levanon street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: +972-(0)3-6415244
Payment: Cash
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
Activity Hours
Sunday - Wednesday: 10 AM - 4 PM
Thursday: 10 AM - 8 PM
Friday - Saturday: 10 AM - 2 PM
For full prices list, please call directly to the attraction site.
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