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Hechal Yehuda Synagogue, Tel Aviv

Hechal Yehuda synagogue is located in Menahem Ben Sarok 13 street in Tel Aviv, adjacent to the century building and inside the land of the historic village of Sumeyl and It is a part of the Saloniki Jewish community.

The synagogue was erected for the saloniki Jews who came to Israel. The building was inaugurated tin 1979 and it holds 600 seats, who which 200 are for women, it is designed in a unique style, which resembles a sea shell, all thought it was intended to resemble six combined shofar's. Some claim that the building was meant to resemble a seashell from the shores of Saloniki.

The northern front is made of concrete and is decorated with Jewish embossment such as stars of David and menorahs. In the windows stained glasses were installed, which describes about the Shabbat and Israeli holidays. Nowadays, the temple holds regular prayers, lectures, lessons and courses. The prayers are of Spanish version, although it holds many Ashkenazy Jews. 

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Location: 13 Ben Sarok street, Tel Aviv
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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