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Christian Quarter, Jerusalem

The Christian Quarter is located in the north - western part of the old city of Jerusalem and consists of 5,000 residences. This still mostly a Christian area for the church of the holy sepulcher is ay its center. Other than the holy church there are 40 other religious sites mostly churches but also monasteries and hostels for Christians traveling to Jerusalem.

The Christian Quarter is built around its heart the Church of Holy Sepulcher, the quarter consists of mostly religious building at its center and the residences building are on the outskirts of the quarter. The Christian Quarter is mainly focused on religious education and tourism,  thus you may found many coffee shops, souvenir shops and  hotels around the quarter.

Most of the hosting hotels and hotel were built by the church's institution in order to accommodate all the Christians pilgrims coming to Jerusalem. At the southern tip of the quarter is a splendid site the 'Hizkiyaho' pool, hidden in between walls, a pool which accumulates rain water and used to provide water for the entire old city. One of the most distinct characteristics of the Christian Quarter is its red roof tiles which stand out in the old cities scenery.

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Location: The old city, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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