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Notre Dam Monastery, Jerusalem

Also known as the Notredam de France monastery, is a large French monastery located at Ha Zanhanim street, in front the new gate of ancient Jerusalem. On 1876 the French count Marry Paul Ameda De Paylea a patch of land between the north and west corner of the ancient city.

The count's objective was to increase the flow of pilgrims from Western Europe. On 1888 the monastery was christened by the Asmepesionist order. The French name means- our lady, meaning Miriam mother of Jesus which by tradition rose up to heaven from Jerusalem. In 1889 another gate was opened to the ancient city, to ease the passage for Christian pilgrims to the Christian quarter. When WW 1 broke the monks were declared as enemies and were banished of the building. During  WW 2 the monastery was expropriated by the British and was used until the war for independence. As the British mandate ended the monastery was retaken by the Israeli Defense force.

During the 70's the structure underwent extensive renovations and was reopened with a great celebration at the prestigious pilgrim boutique hotel. It is now owned by the Vatican.

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Location: Ha' Tsanhanim street, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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