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Al - Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem

Al-Aqsa mosque or as called in Arab - "the farthest mosque", was first built between the years 705-715 AD. It is the third holiest mosque in the Muslim world after Mecca and Medina. It is located south of the Dome of the rock and was rebuilt at least 5 times (the latest took place at 1035). The mosque stretches over 1400 square kilometers and could hold up to 5000 worshipers. Al Aqsa mosque is one of the biggest and most important of the ancient Muslim world In Israel. 

According to Muslim belief, Muhammad was called to heaven by the angel Gabriel where the mosque was built. The mosque combines different building styles of all periods it has seen. From the roman era to the crusaders era. From the Turkish era to modern times. Nowadays the mosque is swarmed by dozens of worshipers and is a major tourist attraction for visitors from around the world.

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Location: The old city, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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