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The Ramban Synagogue, Jerusalem

The ramban synagogue is an ancient synagogue located in the Jewish courter in ancient Jerusalem and is considered to be the oldest synagogue in the courter. The foundation of the temple is attributed to the Ramban. In 1267, in his early 70's, the ramban had to escape of his town of Gerona in Spain, due to a Jewish Christian dispute which he was involved with. The ramban decided to come to Israel and he built his in the city of Akko. In his visit to Jerusalem he witnessed the terrible state it was, due to the Mongol invasion a few years earlier.

During the 14th century Muslim settlements were built around the temple, due to the musk which was built next to it, who finally had it closed in 1474. A year later the Turkish sultan allowed its re opening, although he finally had it closed in 1586 with the claim it violates the Omar's terms, which states that no temples were to be built in Jerusalem. As the 6 day war ended, the synagogue was renovated in haste, so that reopening it within the same year of the rambans arrival to Israel, 700 years later, would be possible. After its renovation it started to be used as the main Jewish courtertemple, due to that the fact that the other temple were not renovated until later times.

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Location: The old city, Jerusalem
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Phone: +972-(0)52-8622321
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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