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Rosh Pina Guide

Get to know one of the most beautiful towns in the northern region.
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Tours Around Rosh Pina

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Hotels in Rosh Pina and Surrounding Areas

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Nightlife in Israel

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Articles about Galilee & Golan Heights

  • Rosh Pina is one of the most beautiful places in Israel, and without any doubt, a great place to walk around. It is a small town with magical alleys and historical buildings, all well reserved. Since that we build for yo...
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  • However, the hotels in the area don’t reach the level of hospitality identified with the hotels in Tel-Aviv, Eilat and Jerusalem. The hotels are located around the lake, while most of them are in the city of Tiberi...
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  • If you are visiting the northern region I'm sure you've already checked up all the useful information that yourway site has to offer on the many lovely sites, hotels, tzimerim and different exiting and peaceful attractio...
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