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Mishkanot Sha'ananim Neighborhood

Mishkanot Sha'ananim was one of the first development establishments in the new city of Jerusalem during the Ottoman era, and the first Jewish neighborhood erected in Jerusalem outside of the ancient city walls. Its establishment, with Moshe Montefiore's initiative symbolized the beginning of the "exiting the walls" era in Jerusalem. By the mid 19th century Jerusalem was confined to the city walls. Wandering outside of the walls at night was considered dangerous.

Different establishments including the foreign churches were beginning to find interest purchasing lands in Jerusalem and around. Among others was the Jewish-English philanthropist Moshe Montefiore , which in his visits was disturbed by the residential distress of the Jerusalem Jews. The original structures of the Jerusalem neighborhood are in the Jerusalem foundations custody nowadays that has renovated them as art centers of culture tolerance and pluralism. A convention center as well as a luxurious guesthouse for visiting artists and intellectualist which is one of the most impressive historic buildings in the city. Today the neighborhood is amazingly beautiful with its uniqueness. Many good Jerusalem restaurants and coffee shops are available.  

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Location: Mishkanot Sha'ananim Neighborhood, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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