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Meron Synagogue, Galilee

The Meron synagogue is built in the up hills of the ancient village of Meron that lies north of the Meron stream (Nahal Meron), on the northern steep of Mount Meron. The settlement Meron was first built in the years 332-63 BC. The Meron village first got famous due to its olive oil production. This place has been fortified by Yosef Ben Matityahu that was the commander of the Galil region during the great rebellion on the Romans (66-70 AC).

In the Talmudic sources the Meron settlement is considered the high priest's guard. Since the middle ages Meron became an important pilgrimage center due to the fact that Jewish tradition says that rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai was active in that area and his grave is close by. During that time the settlements of the Galil flourished. The Meron Synagogue was destroyed probably in the big earthquake in the 363 AC and after the earthquake the settlement was abandoned. In earlier periods most of the synagogue's remains were raided and now only the remains of the gate still stand. 

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Location: Meron Village, Galilee & Golan
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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