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Wild Dessert Tours, The Dead Sea

The Course trip offers a unique and enjoyable motor experience. The mini-jeeps are fit for 4 comfortably seated passengers and they are open. Anyone over 22, with a "regular" drivers' license, is permitted to drive them. The trip leaves in a convoy of mini-jeeps and a jeep, lead by the guide, who provides explanations and conducts observations on the way. Mini-Jeep Course We will start from the gas station at Neveh Zohar and ride toward the old Rte. 90 (the section that is not in use).    

We will ride on one of the dikes that bisect the southern basin into the evaporation pools, we will discuss the swallow-hole phenomenon, the state of the Dead Sea, the evaporation pools and the Dead Sea factories. We will continue by riding next to the ground water pools, climbing the eastern wall of the flood reservoir, which dams Nahal Hamar and collects the winter flood water. We will stop by the amazing lump of salt, at the foot of the Sodom Mountain – a huge lump of salt, unique in the world, a wonderful treasure of days past, when salt was of great importance.

We will return to the mini-jeeps and to the amazing marlstone sculptures, with landscapes left to imagination. We will learn about another important treasure of days of yore, days of ancient Egyptian culture, we will "plow through" the stream while rapidly riding over smooth stones and the deep wadi matter that tends to its flow.

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From $ 100 .00 usd
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Location: Neve Zohar, The Dead Sea
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Phone: +972-(0)50-3939394
Payment: Cash
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
Activity Hours
During all the day, by prior coordination.
For full prices list, please call directly to the attraction site.
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