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The Best Bars In Tel Aviv

So with the coming of summer, which brings with it the season of endless entertainment, we have drawn you up a report of all the fun places to while away the hot summer nights in Tel Aviv. 
, Written by Yourway Team
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So first of all, the question you should be asking yourselves is “wether I prefer to spend the night on a party or a pub?” If the answer is “party”, you should go on to the next story. If you are still here, it must mean you are searching for the better pubs in town. As you must know, Tel Aviv's night life is one of the best reputed in the world. Fittingly, the amount of pubs scattered all over town is amazing, and that's why this report will try and concentrate the five best pubs in town.

Rotschild, 12:

The Rotschild was opened two years ago in a building meant for preservation of the avenue that goes by it's name, and since then, has been thought of as one of the best places by the Tel Avivian crowd. 

Why come? Wonderful food, huge alcohol assortment and the best live shows every evening. Also, in the summer, the back balcony is really fun.


Ha'Minzar (The Monastery):

One of the oldest bars in Tel Aviv, attracting the whole local population. The place is open 24 hrs, including Friday's afternoons, and offers a changing menu, according to the Chef's choice.

Why come? The Friday afternoon's sun makes the balcony turn into one of the most attractive places to while away the afternoon. Add the changing menu, you may even get to have a full culinary experience.


Dizi Frishdom:

The place was opened two years ago, and it's one of the most crowded on town, open all week and on weekends it's recommended to come early so as to ensure a good spot. 
Why come? This is one of the only places in town where the smoking prohibition is actually enforced. Besides, the pick-up atmosphere is pretty hot, and the Tapas served on the bar are amazing.


Ha'Maoz (The Stronghold) :

As the name says, Ha'Maoz is the stronghold of  the young Tel Avivians. The place has been decorated as a pick-up bar and includes a fun balcony. The bar is full and lively almost every day of the week, and on Fridays, opens up at afternoon.  
Why come? Because, to put it simply, it's pretty fun there. The atmosphere and the people turn the place into a lot of fun. A tip from us: Fridays afternoons are the best time to visit the place. 

 Credit Picture: Jesica Frikman

Radio Epgb:

The radio is the youngest place of the list, and we considered not including it, because of the ever changing local atmosphere, between a dance bar and a pub.
Why come? The high quality bar, music, and more than everything, the special atmosphere of the place which can develop into a small party every night.

Tel Aviv is full of great places, so that if by chance none of the above really matched your tastes, we invite you to the next link, where you'll be able to find a large amount of good pubs in Tel Aviv. 


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