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The Talmudic Village of Katsrin

Katzrin, or Qatsrin, is a small village in the center of the Golan Heights that has been reconstructed to look as it would have done in Talmudic times. The town is mentioned in the Talmud and has been a functioning town in the same location for over 2,000 years. The modern section of the town has cafes and shops as would be expected of any modern town, but across the road you can lose yourself in a time travelling experience, walking the paths of history. There is a house that has been fully reconstructed and furnished to be an authentic Talmudic home, and the items contained in the house are authentic items either found in excavations or still used until recently by the local farmers. 

One of the main attractions is the Talmudic synagogue, where you can still hold a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a wedding. Next to the remains of the old synagogue is a replica, which houses a museum where you can meet the old sages through audio-visual presentations. If you book in advance, you can also corporate into your visit a bread-baking workshop, pottery making, and olive-pressing if in season. 

The modern part of the city also has an archaeological museum where you can see the artefacts collected from this area. Katzrin Park is open every day from 9am – 4pm, closing at 2pm on a Friday. Entrance to the park for a fee and recommended duration is one hour. You can also purchase a combined ticket for the park and the museum. The surrounding area is also a good place for exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Golan Heights.

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Location: Katzrin, Galilee & Golan
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Phone: 972-(0)4-6962412
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round.
Activity Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 9AM - 4PM
Friday: 9AM - 2PM
Saturday: 9AM - 4PM
For full prices list, please call directly to the attraction site.
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