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Sushisamba Restaurant, Tel Aviv

After its astonishing success around the world Sushi Samba has arrived in Tel Aviv! Sushi Samba is formed out of three different cultures Japanese Brazilian and Peruvian. This trio creates a magnificent kitchen with the Japanese flavor and the South American spicy twist. A colorful combination with unforgettable tastes. The restaurant is designed with the South American colorful and liveliness style creating an exciting dining experience. Sushi Samba is without a doubt one of the top sushi restaurants in Tel Aviv if not in Israel. Sushi Samba is quite pricy but for those sushi fans for this quality of sushi it’s a fare price to pay.  

  • Car Parking
  • Romantic
  • Private Room
  • WI - FI
  • Outdoor Area
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  • Smoking Area

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Sushisamba Restaurant, Tel Aviv


Edamame - NIS 18
Fresh soy beans, sea salt and lemon

Tempura Green Beans - NIS 20
Garlic and soy vinaigrette 

Small plates:

Tuna Tataki - NIS 58
Ponzu, Japanese mushrooms, organic tomatoes, kombu seaweed 

Rump Steak Tartar - NIS 54
Yuzu, chili, quail eggs, shrimp cracker

Crispy Rock - NIS 48
Shrimps, baby greens, yuzu and spicy crema 

Samba Pizza - NIS 40
Tortilla, salmon, red onions, hearts of palm, Kalamata olives, jalapeno, mozzarella, and spicy Japanese mayonnaise

Churassco Salad - NIS 50
Seared sirloin, aji Amarillo - herbs, baby leaves, piquillo peppers, toasted almonds 

Calamari Salad - NIS 48
Warm oyster mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and yuzu dressing 

Seaweed Salad - NIS 48
Hijiki, wakame, kombu, ponzu and lemon

Agedashi tofu - NIS 28
Bonito shavings, eggplant, daikon, green beans and soy – dashi jus 

Duck gyoza - NIS 38
Japanese pumpkin with a soy-garlic vinaigrette 

Nasu Shigiyaki - NIS 326
Miso glazed eggplant, cashew and mint

Miso soup - NIS 20
Dashi, tofu and coriander

Cold Soba Salad - NIS 42
Black sesame seeds, cucumbers, shiitake, and ponzu dressing

Field Salad - NIS 36
Seasonal greens, pickled beets, daikon and unagi dressing


Shrimp tempura - NIS 46

Vegetable Tempura - NIS 38

Vegetable and Shrimps Tempura - NIS 48

Tempura – two pieces:

Eggplant - NIS 14

Scallops - NIS 22

Onion / avocado / sweet potato - NIS 12


Chicken aji Amarillo - NIS 40

Salmon Miso - NIS 40

Chicken Liver Teriyaki - NIS 36

Extra Peruvian Sweet-Corn - NIS 24

Ceviche and Tiradito:

Sashimi ceviche:

Yellowtail - NIS 44
Ginger – garlic - yuzu, onions and celery

Salmon - NIS 42
Plums, celery, pineapple, and lime

Shrimp - NIS 54
Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, aji Amarillo

Tuna - NIS 54
Coconut sauce, herbs, chili tapioca

Sashimi Tiradito:

Sea Fish - NIS 48
Cherry tomato confit, olives, crispy tortilla

Salmon - NIS 42
Avocado vinaigrette, ponzu, coriander, jalapeno 

Yellowtail - NIS 44
Tom yam, organic cherry tomatoes, organic coriander

Tuna - NIS 56
Wasabi cream, black tobiko

Assortment of four - NIS 98


A tasting dinner –  Five dishes - 210, Per diner 
giving the essence of the Sushi Samba experience, fueled by the inspiration of Chef Raz Nitzan

Seven dishes - NIS 260
Per person

Large plates:

Moqueca Mista - NIS 124
Blue crab, shrimps, calamari, mussels, white fish, hearts of palm, tomatoes, coconut milk, palm oil, toasted cashews and chimichurri rice

Samba Sliders - NIS 68
Hamburger of entrecote from the Golan Heights

Beef fillet coated with shiitake - NIS 102
Truffle sauce and mirin, leek and potato confit

Halibut in miso - NIS 98
Bok choy and Japanese pickles, wasabi croquette 

Chicken Teriyaki - Samba Style - NIS 72
Samba style wasabi mashed potatoes, aji Amarillo and shallot chips

Rock Fish a - a - NIS 86
Plancha asparagus, bok choy, Portobello and tozzezzo pepper sauce 

Crispy Sea Bream - NIS 90
Spicy red curry sauce, coconut rice and hijiki seaweed 

Shrimp Risotto - NIS 62/82
With / without shrimps, kabocha sauce, white asparagus, nasu and parmesan foam 


Small Rio Grande - three pieces /  five pieces - NIS 120/186
Entrecote, sirloin, chorizo, linguica / 300 g entrecote, sirloin, chicken

Filet Mignon - NIS 128

Entrecote - NIS 112
300 g

*Served with white rice, black beans, Swiss chard
Red chimichurri sauce, green chimichurri sauce
Beef from the Golan Heights

Samba Roll:

Pecania roll - NIS 52
Tempura roll, sirloin tartar, ginger, kanpyo, oshinko, aji Amarillo mayonnaise

Okinawa roll - NIS 52
Tempura roll, calamari, shrimp, oshinko, wasabi mayonnaise

Samba TLV Roll - NIS 54
Tataki tuna, green beans, tomatoes, arugula, spicy chili sauce

Rainbow - NIS 56
Tuna, kurodai, salmon, eel, crab, avocado, cucumber, black sesame sauce

Capoeira Roll - NIS 54
Soft-shell crab, avocado, Boston lettuce, scallions, smoked jalapeño crema 

Mamushi - NIS 56
Salmon in a soy marinade, tempura chips, asparagus, avocado, tobiko

El Topo - NIS 52
Salmon, jalapeno, red onions, melted mozzarella cheese, spicy Japanese mayonnaise, onion chips

Neo Tokyo - NIS 62
Tuna, tempura chips, spicy Japanese mayonnaise, aji panca 

Maya Dragon - NIS 62
Eel, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, black sesame

Bo-Bo Brasil - NIS 48
Tataki beef fillet, asparagus, avocado, cashew sauce

Coco Shrimp Roll - NIS 52
Shrimp tempura, avocado, coconut panko, barbecue mayonnaise

Yasai - NIS 40
Asparagus, avocado, oshinko, lettuce, kanpyo, cucumber, soy sheet 


Espresso brulée - NIS 42
Crème brulée, Arabesque leaves, espresso sauce, white chocolate and hazelnut ice cream

Bolo de Marengo - NIS 44
Cheesecake, raspberry coulis, crème patissière, fresh strawberries, macaroons and cream & strawberry ice-cream

Samba Volcano - NIS 38
Warm chocolate cake, raspberry coulis, vanilla sauce, nut streusel, dulce de leche ice cream

Branco Profiteroles - NIS 42
Profiteroles with a mascarpone mousse filling and white chocolate, warm coconut cream, raspberry coulis, hot chocolate sauce and French vanilla ice cream

Caramel Flan - NIS 38
Crème caramel, pears, almond streusel, dulce de leche ice cream

Chocolate Jinga - NIS 38
Marquise chocolate, caramelized bananas, almond streusel and French vanilla ice cream

Four sorbet flavors - NIS 28
Coconut, passionfruit, apple ginger, and grapefruit Campari
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Location: 27 Habarzel street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-6444345
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Saturday: 12pm - 2am.
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